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I've always been too LAZY to wash, lube, sort or weigh pellets, and since finding JSB's I have felt no need to. I've done pretty well, even in FT competition, by just visually inspecting each pellet for skirt deformation before loading straight from the tin. However, with Hunter Division evolving to the point that top Hunter scores at many matches equal (or nearly equal) the top Open and WFTF scores, such LAX ammo inspection procedures have started feeling more and more INADEQUATE. Just ONE use of the Speedy Pellet Inspector not only opened my eyes to how misguided has been my confidence in JSB quality, but explained those previously UNEXPLAINED MISSES! :-O

Notwithstanding obviously damaged tins, only about 10 JSB's per tin (of 500) have failed my visual inspection test in the past. The Speedy Pellet Inspector put things into crystal CLEAR perspective when about 50 JSB's failed the Speedy Pellet Inspection... that's TEN PERCENT! Suffice to say I'll never shoot another airgun competition with pellets that haven't been Speedy Inspected. Better yet, it took less than 15 minutes to inspect 500 pellets, virtue of the fact you're inspecting 100 pellets at a time. Selling for only about $25, this thing is a shoe-in for not only the Lazy Airgunner Accessory of the Decade, but also the Airgun Accessory Bargain of the Decade! Try it... YOU'LL LIKE IT!!!"

Ron Robinson
Five time National HFT Champion, 16 State Champion Titles, 4 National NRA Record Certificates

Thanks Joe!  Tried it out right away and WOW!  My seven year old grandson hopped right on it and  ran a bunch of pellets through it for me.  He had absolutely no trouble operating it and culled a bunch of pellets for me!  Plus, he had a ball doing it!!!

Excellent product!  Thank you!


First initial impression was that it was packed very nicely! Almost over kill with all the padding, which I personally love when it comes to pellets, and in this case, a Pellet Inspector.

I couldn't wait to try it out so I dug into it right away. I sprinkled some Crossman heavy .177 cal pellets gently into the SPI. then gently shook the tray side to side allowing the pellets to fall into the holes. It all happen rather quickly to my surprise. I had to slide one here and there into place but hassle free imo.

Then I flipped it over as in the video and started looking for some imperfections. I did not see any. I thought to my self..... did I just dump money into another gadget that doesn't work? o no. then I took them into the sun light with no magnifier, I could start to see what Joe Peacock was trying to tell us. The heads have either dents or some lead missing around them. I could easily inspect the skirt as well. Most of the skirts seemed fine. it is the heads mostly. Wow! After inspecting 200 pellets, I found 24 bad ones with out a magnifier! I had my prescription glasses on is all. find no real need to use a magnifier at the moment, but next time I am at the dollar store, I am going to pick up a pair.  A very nice product indeed Joe. I think all serious shooters need one of these in every caliber they own. Thanks Joe!

Ronnie Easton
Match Director

About all I ever did was take a look at the pellet before I loaded it.  I tossed one every so often.  It was an epiphany for me when I used Joe's SPI! Joe, I hate you now Sir. All fliers will now be my fault!!!!  Well done Joe.

A simple solution to a under recognized problem.  Best of luck keeping up with demand!

Paul Bracaglia
(In my opinion one of the best Marauder Tuners around-Joe Peacock)