The Peacock Brothers

Air Gun Supply was born from the minds of brothers Joe and Speedy Peacock to have a venue to offer innovative products to the air gun enthusiast. The design of their first product - the Speedy Pellet Inspector became reality because Joe saw a need for a way to inspect the skirts and heads of pellets that was quicker than looking at them one at a time. The design of the Pellet Inspector allows you to look at multiple pellets at one time from several different directions and inspect both the head and skirts. The Inspector is made from optically clear acrylic on a precision laser CNC cutter. It is proudly made and assembled in the USA.

The Speedy Pellet Inspector is their first product, but keep an eye out for other helpful products coming soon for our fellow air gun enthusiast.

Do you have an air gun related product idea or a suggestion?  Let us hear from you.

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